US citizens are free to travel anywhere in the world, except Cuba. To travel to Cuba you need permission, a license, from the US government. This has been the case for over 50 years. In his final years President Obama made licenses very easy to get, as well as taking some steps to reduce the underlying US economic blockade of Cuba. However President Trump has adopted a very hostile stance towards Cuba, partially reversing Obama’s actions, and reduced the possibilities for individual licensed travel.

IFCO/Pastors for Peace believes that licenses should be scrapped and we should be freely able to travel to Cuba and meet our Cuban sisters and brothers. Since 1992 we have taken 28 Caravans of people to Cuba without a license as a conscious act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

On this occasion we will be traveling to Cuba in late June/early July. therefore, our Caravan Dates are as below:


Thursday June 13 – Potluck welcoming and send off for the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba, featuring Fr. Luis Barrios.

Saturday June 22 – Fly to Mexico City for Orientation

Tuesday June 25 – Fly to Cuba

Tuesday June 25 – Thursday July 4 – Program in Havana and Cienfuegos

Friday July 5 – Return to Mexico City and then return to the US

The orientation in Mexico City is mandatory.

Cost of program – $1650    Round trip travel to Toronto from US not included


This year we will spend 9 days in Cuba meeting with people of this beautiful island. Following a mandatory two-day orientation period in Toronto we will travel to Santiago in Eastern Cuba. Our stay will primarily be in the city and province of Santiago and secondarily in the province of Guantanamo.

In Guantanamo we will visit the community of Caimanera to learn about the impact of the illegal US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay.  We will also witness how the province has recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and learn how Cuba prepares in advance for hurricanes. In Santiago our program will explore how the Cuban people are moving forward in fields such as healthcare, organic farming and sustainable tourism, as well as their efforts to tackle the legacies of racism, sexism and homophobia. We will also witness and explore the role of organized religion in Cuba.

We will travel in some of the Cuban revolution’s footsteps, visiting the mountainous rural area known as the Third Front during the revolutionary war, as well as the final resting place of Fidel Castro in Santiago on the second anniversary of his death.

We will be staying in basic accommodation, the weather will be HOT (mid 80s) and the program hectic, so be prepared for and be medically fit enough to withstand a challenging trip.

Application forms are available from or by calling 212-926-5757 ext. 6

DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 1st, 2019


Fr. Luis Barrios will be guest speaking on JUNE 13TH

Join Fr. Luis Barrios on June 13th for a welcoming and send off for the 2019 Pastors of Peace Caravan to Cuba. The event will begin at 6:00 pm and is located at  Central United Methodist Church, 639 N. 25th St., Milwaukee, WI 53233.

Fr. Luis Barrios-guest speaker for Caravan 2019

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